We’re made for outside sales…
so we’re built for mobile devices

If your team is doing what they’re supposed to, they’re on the road.  They don’t have time to pop open a laptop and log a contact on outdated software.

We built our software from the ground up to be used on mobile devices.

Our software works on:


  • Android and iPhones
  • iPads and Tablets
  • Blackberrys
  • Any internet connected device

quitWhat if your best rep suddenly quit or got ill?

Would you or your other reps know who to contact at their key accounts?


How will your business carry on after they’re gone?



With CallLogApp you’ll have a complete, detailed log of their activity so you and your other reps can fill in while you find a new rep.  You’ll never have to start from zero again.

  • Easily Export to Excel

    Easily Export to Excel

    You've got plenty of other systems to track sales, quotas, and other metrics - we give you the last (and probably the most important) metric - how often your reps see an individual account

  • E-mail Alerts Directly from the App

    E-mail Alerts Directly from the App

    Say your rep comes across a critical customer issue in the field - with CallLogApp it only takes one click to send a summary to anyone via email

  • Won't slow your reps down

    Won't slow your reps down

    Good reps know the importance of tracking their activity, but hate being slowed down by antiquated software. Our app is built for outside sales & marketing reps, where speed is paramount!

  • Automatic Reminders

    Automatic Reminders

    Don't forget to run that contract by your new client - easily flag a date for follow-up within the app and you'll receive an e-mail reminder the day before you need to follow-up

  • Works on ANY Device!

    Works on ANY Device!

    Never again will a rep need to pop out their laptop in the car or wait for the end of the day to log their calls on a desktop! Our look and layouts are optimized for mobile phones and tablets, so it's practical to use on the road

  • Know where your reps are

    Know where your reps are

    Never again wonder when the last time your best client was seen - see where your reps go and who they see in real time and use that information help them create a cadence that grows your business

index2Master your market with real-time, concrete information from the field.

  • Customer service issues
  • Accounts progressing towards close
  • New business line opportunities

Cleanly logged and sorted for you to decide what to take action on.

Crystal clear pricing

that scales with you

Individual Rep

(billed annually)


  • Log an unlimited number of calls
  • Search, sort, and filter contacts
  • Unlimited e-mail alerts
  • Business hours email support


(per rep, billed annually)


  • For teams of up to 25 reps
  • Search, sort, and filter contacts
  • Log an unlimited number of calls
  • Export Data to Excel (.xls)
  • Unlimited e-mail alerts
  • 24/7 email support

Large Teams


  • For teams of over 25 reps
  • Search, sort, and filter contacts
  • Custom integrations available
  • Unlimited e-mail alerts
  • 24/7 email & phone support

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