Why we built an app to track outside sales reps

Let’s get one thing straight – we love sales.

The guys behind CallLogApp are not only top notch technofiles, we’re sales people.  We sold this app to the very first customer before we even finished the dang thing.  How about them apples?

We felt like this needed to exsist.

There’s tons and tons of software out there to help you track everything – from what you had for breakfast this morning to automating emails, to tracking your poops (seriously see it here).  We’re not even under the illusion that we’re the only ones doing what we’re doing – we just believe there is plenty of room in the world for great software.

The recipe for our secret sauce:

Simplicity. We were sales reps so we know the last thing we want to do is spend time filling out paperwork – we just want to sell.  We built our application is one thing above all: simple for reps to use.  The screen to enter a new entry is just nine questions long, with most of the fields being optional.  Less time entering information means more time selling.  In an industry where the phrase “Time is Money” is more true than any other, we feel that less is more.

Most “CRM” and sales tracking software was built for inside sales.

Back when the SalesForce emerged as one of the first web-based applications for enabling sales teams, they were focused primarily on inside sales teams – folks in a cubicle at Dell, Microsoft, and Oracle dialing for dollars.  Many, many, many others have followed their lead and built applications based on a simliar task – tracking activity for folks who sit behind a computer all day.  We chose another route – realizing the best Sales and Marketing reps may not come anywhere near a computer in any given day.  We’re built for mobile, meaning a rep can use our application using any smartphone or tablet on the go.

Most sales processes aren’t A, B,…. Close.

Most businesses, whether you’re a catering business or a manufacturer of industrial supplies, aren’t built on one time sales – even more so for companies that employ outside sales teams.  Your business is built on relationships and contacts within your customer base.  To win, you have to “out relationship” your competitors.  If you’re not tracking your outside sales activity you have no good means to ensure your team is doing a good job of driving business – much less having key indicators of salesperson success.

How CallLogApp can help you grow your bottom line:

We provide the simplest call logging and sales activity tracking system on the market.  We could have built a huge application with hundreds of thousands of features you’d never use – but we didn’t.  Why?  So your Outside Sales Reps would use it! If the rep who just turned in their resignation had been logging their activity in our software picking up the pieces is as simple as signing in.

CallLogApp easily allows companies to get the information they most need – quickly.  Our software provides reports that are easy to view either in your web browser or in Excel.  Want to filter your sales activities by month, sort by rep, and correlate that to sales volume?  Awesome – Excel is perfect for that and best of all, you already know how to use Excel!

The data is yours.  Each rep has access to their own data, and administrators have access to their entire team.  Export it at any time.  Decide you don’t like us any more and want to try another provider?  Downloading your data to put it in your new system is just a click of a mouse.

Want to know more?  Click here to schedule a free demo of our software.


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