Your best Rep is quitting Friday…

It happens to every company, big or small – the question is, are you ready?

No matter how great your products or services are, how solid your book of business, how great your compensation plan is, or even how good your company culture is – even your best Outside Sales Reps will leave at some point.  Whether it’s to relocate, take an offer they just couldn’t refuse, even illness or retirement – if it hasn’t happened to your company yet – it will.

How diligently you track activity while your team is together often predicts how well you do after a team member leaves –

Sit back and ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you name each of your Outside Sales Reps top accounts?
  • Who should you or your other reps call on within those companies?
  • What issues have they been working on with those clients recently?

If you lack a cohesive activity tracking or customer relationship management solution you could be left scratching your head.  In fact, you’d be in the minority to know the answers!

Studies show that over 80% of Small to Medium sized businesses don’t have a customer relationship or sales activity tracking system in place.

This fact can easily fall on deaf ears, especially when your team is solid and times are good.  But what happens when your best rep gets into a car wreck?  How will you know who to tell your team to call on, who the key contacts are, or any issues they need to address.  If you’ve been tracking your sales activity this will the exact moment in time that you’ll look back on all of your efforts and thank your lucky stars – or if you haven’t, when sweat will begin to spontaneously erupt from your brow.

Great Outside Sales teams won’t have any trouble picking up where one rep left off if they have key information.

If you’re like most companies, you or your team won’t have any problem filling in for a rep who’s suddenly resigned or fallen ill if you have a not-so-secret weapon – information. Tight teams probably won’t have much of an issue naming two or three accounts of another rep – but if they’re focused on their own accounts, it will be virtually impossible to put enough chapters together to rebuild the rep’s entire book of business.  If you’ve been managing well, getting that information will be as simple as pulling a report from an application like ours.

How CallLogApp can help you prepare for the inevitable –

We provide the simplest call logging and sales activity tracking system on the market.  We could have built a huge application with hundreds of thousands of features you’d never use – but we didn’t.  Why?  So your Outside Sales Reps would use it! If the rep who just turned in their resignation had been logging their activity in our software picking up the pieces is as simple as signing in.

CallLogApp easily allows companies to get the information they most need – quickly.  Our software provides reports that are easy to view either in your web browser or in Excel.  Want to filter your sales activities by month, sort by rep, and correlate that to sales volume?  Awesome – Excel is perfect for that and best of all, you already know how to use Excel!

The data is yours.  Each rep has access to their own data, and administrators have access to their entire team.  Export it at any time.  Decide you don’t like us any more and want to try another provider?  Downloading your data to put it in your new system is just a click of a mouse.

Want to know more?  Click here to schedule a free demo of our software.



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